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I have a 42S that I have owned for 13 years, has seen tough service and has worked great until now. It will turn on with no problem about 50% of the time, otherwise I have to shake it, take the batteries in and out and hit the "on" button repeatedly. Once on, it will work fine sometimes, other times after a few functions it will cut out. HP said "sorry...can't help you" Anyone out there have any suggestions? Am I wasting my time? 1/10/01


In the MoHPC "Articles" section, see ["Pioneer Observational Internals" HREF=] . You may be able to replace, for instance, the internal keyboard components with mylar and rubber parts from a more recently-made (or less-used) Pioneer model. You might also want to check the battery-to-pcb connections & see if that helps. Good luck!

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