Spice for HP48GX and HP48SX


I am a novice user of HP's RPL calculators. I was amazed to discover that "cards" are available to perform Spice simulations on the 48GX and 48SX. Has anyone any experience of simulating an electronic circuit on an HP? As a regular user of Spice, I'd love to read how an HP calculator manages to perform such simulations.
Best wishes.


Where did you found cards with Spice simulations for 48SX/GX? I didn't know they exist ...

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there exists a SPICE48 card from Sparcom.

Very nice thing.




Ah, that SPICE ... I thought he meant "Spice series" HP calculator simulations (such as HP-34C) on HP-48GX/SX. My mistake, haven't read carefully ...


Hi guys,

I am really VERY into this as a (freelance) engineer. I purchased
"circuits" for the 41 when it came out ('81) and found it very slow.

I am interested in getting a 48 if it will do this stuff.
Please, please let me know what you find...
In the meantime I'll do some trawling of my own and report back.


don wallace

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