41CV Back from the Dead


A few days ago, I thanked HrastProgrammer for posting the story of his successful 48G repair; as I mentioned, I like "happy ending" stories.

This motivated me to drag out a 41CV which had been languishing in my desk drawer - it had long ago suffered from corrosion damage, and while I'd screwed in a small piece of bent metal with a soldered connection to the expansion connector block, that fix hadn't "taken" and it subsequently failed again. So, feeling inspired by HrastProgrammer, I dragged it out and disassembled it. There was a small bit of either corrosion damage or wear of some kind where the expansion block contacted the main board, so I cleaned that up, reassembled the calculator, inserted batteries and was rewarded with a "MEMORY LOST" message. A simple fix, really.

I'm left with one, slight, cosmetic problem, though. In peeling off the rubber feet, a couple of them seem to have "delaminated" - in prying up the first foot, it left behind a thinner layer of rubbery plastic which came off separately. Rather than use a sharp knife on the second one, I used a screwdriver to pry it up, but this just "scrunched up" the thin layer in such a way that I couldn't flatten it out again. In the end, I just peeled those two feet apart and threw away the inner layer, so now they are noticeably thinner than the other two (which had peeled off successfully). They're not particularly securely stuck in place now, either.

Has anyone else encountered this? My suggested fix is just to peel apart *all* the feet, and then reattach them to the calculator with some rubber cement - the feet will be a bit thinner, but I can live with that. Any other suggestions?


--- Les




the old adhesive tape becomes 'greasy' after years,

you can use a short strip of normal double tape which

you cut suitable pieces for the rubber feet.




Of course! [Slaps forehead]. It's tape!

Thanks, Raymond. I'll pick up some tape tomorrow, and have the calc back into good-as-new condition.


--- Les



Hi Les,

I am very happy to hear about your "happy ending" story :-)


Thanks, HrastProgrammer. Now, let's hope this inspires someone else to fix an ailing calc, as you inspired me.


--- Les



Yeah, yeah, I like it! But where can I get the tape, and what kind should I ask for. I feel so stupid when I go into a hardware store and don't know the right names for things. And I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering! Doesn't help.



One more thing: Have you guys ever tried "Goo Gone" to remove unwanted adhesives? The stuff's magic!


One more thing: Have you guys ever tried "Goo Gone" to remove unwanted adhesives? The stuff's magic!


You want carpet tape. It is a double sided adhesive tape. If you can find it use the black stuff that is for outdoor carpets. It looks really close to the original stuff.


Hi Les, how are you?

Hey, you're kidding, right?!

Don W


Flat out like a lizard drinking, Don.


--- Les


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