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I have a ThinkJet 2225B printer and wonder if and where can I get the ink cartridge and does anyone know if it is possible to re-cell the battery? I never used this printer before so it is all new to me.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Tomas.


Hi Tomas,

1) To rebuild the 2225B battery, you will need : 6 Sub Cs Ni-CADs or NiMh, one picofuse if the one in the pack is burned, strength.

Choosing Ni-CADs or NiMh is a matter of use and taste. You'll find reasonable, skilled people or even ayatollahs defending opposite views. See posts and flames about this elsewhere in this Forum.

1a) Open the thing : The case is not welded but snapped, just exert enough pressure with the largest flat screw driver as the innards are tuck with very strong double-sided tape.

NOTE polarity of the existing cells connection alongwith picofuse position!!!

1b) Desolder and dispose/recycle the old cells SAVING the picofuse you'll find between them.

1c) Assemble the new cells in series with the picofuse (picofuse position & polarity not strategic)

1d) Resolder to the pack circuit, respecting polarity, and insert in pack with very strong double-sided tape ON THE BOTTOM.

1e) If you really wish to recreate new problems and stress when opening again, apply same tape to secure the cover.... Otherwise refrain...

1f) Charge outside the Thinkjet, monitoring carefully smells, gassing, funny noise....

1g) Test voltage at 7,2V loaded and use.

2) You may purchase the Thinkjet batteries...just anywhere on the Web or real world. They are still for sale new.

I think they come in black, blue or red.

Being in Europe, I did not test US Webstores but you may try Here (US) or here

Hp is now just a major paper and ink cartridge "manufacturer"/reseller and they incidentally distribute computers and printers to fit on their cartridges.

Cheers from France!


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Ink cartridges for the thinkjet are also available in the US from Carrot Ink ( Quick delivery and usually a bit less expensive.


I was able to get new Think Jet ink cartriges from HPshopping.
Batteries Plus rebuilt three battery packs for me for a reasonable price.

You will have a problem removing the pack cover because of the double sided "stickey" tape used to keep the pack sealed. Use great care and you should be able to slowly pry the cover off of the pack.



When dismantling the 2225B battery pack, I found it helped to remove the little catch that locks it into the printer. You can easily flick the 'barb' on that part and then slide it out with the spring.

After releasing the cover on all edges (it's got clips all round), I use a flat blade to prise it from the cells

I also found it was useful to unplug the 2 connectors from the charger PCB, to remove the PCB (it's just pressed onto the pegs, but take care as you can break the pegs off), and unclip the charger plug from the back of the unit. A long, thin, screwdriver inserted through the hole for said plug helps in prising the cells from the base.


Thank you all for the helpfull tips. I'll order the Sub C and will try to follow your instructions. Upon completion I will report back :)
Thanks again...Tomas


Many years ago when my Thinkjet's rechargeable battery pack went south, I actually operated it on a little 9V battery for a short time, until I made a power supply for it. The 9V battery would only operate the printer for six full pages before becoming unable to supply enough current, but then it still had most of its life left for other uses. The power supply I made cost me fifty cents. I had everything I needed except one diode, and the diode was fifty cents. The power supply puts out a regulated +7.8V for the printer, plus +5V and an unregulated -12V for other things I might use it for.


Hi again Tomas, all

Just to let you know that I moved the compiled posts to a small article in the appropriate museum section.



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