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Hello,a few months ago, I posted a question about the 12c model, asking what you would like to see in terms of a 25th anniversary promotion that we are working on (I work on advertising for HP and we are currently in the process of preparing for the 25th anniversary of the 12C calculator model-HP's longest and best-selling calculator). The responses were wonderful, thank you so much!

We are now looking for your positive comments/experiences you've had using the 12c model. What do you love most about the 12c and do you have any interesting or funny stories to tell? How did the 12c make an impact on your life?
thank you!


One of the secrets of the HP-12c's success, in my opinion, is its cosmetics. It has a "professional" look to it that none of the other current production HP models, including the HP-12c Platinum, have.

Let's face it, the current line of scientific calculators look disposable, as do the 10bII and 17bII+. The 12c Platinum isn't as bad, but it looks like an Asian clone instead of "the real thing"....oh wait, that's what it is...

The 12c may be slow and feature-impaired by modern standards; but for the community that it serves, it is fast enough (when what is wanted is the result of a single calculation, there isn't much difference between 1 second and 1.5 seconds...) and has the needed features. Where it falters, of course, is for complex and repetitive calculations; but most of the users don't do either.

Interestingly, for a simple mortgage payment calculation, the HP-12c is slower than the HP-70!

I would like to echo the request for a 25th anniversary model that can have its microcode changed to become a 15c or 16c.


To me, the success of the 12c is of course due to the fact that it looks different and good (though dated). But also it is simple and easy to use! All of its features are directly accessible usually with one or 2 key presses. No complex menus.
I have one at work. When I need to make a simple calculation, I get the result faster by taking the 12c from my drawer, then from its slip case and use it, than it takes me time to even start a calculator program on my computer.



Hi Mary

The look and feel of the Voyager series (all of them, from 10C to 16C) is unbeaten yet!

The keys have an excellent feeling, and even after dozens of years of wear they still work as on the first day.

The format is also great, fitting into a shirt pocket.

And finally, its use is very simple, and yet it offers a good number of features. I think in those days, an engineer had to think hard of how best to use the limited resources, and create the best possible solution.

Looking forward to a 25 years edition.

Oh: will there be other jubilee editions of calculators? Such as a 30 year anniversary edition of HP67? Or the whole Voyager series re-launched?




I'd echo the comment of "blurdybloop" that much of the enduring appeal of the original HP-12C is based on its classy appearance.

There's not much time left to develop anything significantly new for a "25th Anniversary Edition", and there's nowhere on the face to put special annotations without cheapening or cluttering the look.

A 25th AE HP-12C should be constructed to the original standards (1981-1995), though the manufacturing facilities probably are no longer in service. It should have the same look, keyboard, and functionality as the original, but run faster and contain more memory (like the latest 12C Platinum).

Perhaps if the latest 12C Platinum hardware and ROM (with ALG mode and other new functions disabled) were placed inside a high-quality "traditional" package?

-- KS


The 25th Anniverary model should have: Double Injection Keys; keys with numbers that will never wear out because the numbers are part of the keys, not decals. The keys should have the same tactile feel as the 11C, 15C and original 12C. It should retain the black and gold color scheme; with perhaps deeper and more saturated blue and gold f and g lettering. It should be RPN only. It could have a faster processor and more memory. It should have as clear and contrasty an LCD display as modern technology allows. It could command a premium price (say $129.95) as quality is a much desired quality for a product in a society that will pay $500.00 for a PDA or smartphone.
That's my wish list. I'd buy one in an instant.


That would be a good wish list but I believe we will see the same 12C that is produced nowadays with a different logo on the top right...



... which would not be enough that I would buy one, since it would of inferiour quality than my old (1982) HP12C.


All she's wanting is stories about how it made a difference, blah blah blah.

Perhaps she should ask why people still use that instead of thew newer models.

Poorly made.


There are valid reasons for wanting to be anonymous, but here it sounds like "Mary" is having a ball tugging at the heartstrings of calc-loving nerds.


I STILL think she may yet turn out to be THE charming Mary from Canoga Park...

(Frank Zappa fans know what I am on about... ;-)

That kinda grrl would definitely end up in sales... ;-)



Hi Mary..please tell them (hp guys) than a real "quality" model is the best thing they can do to celbrate this aniversary (except to change it to remanufacturing a hp 15c like, model). In case they can´t (or don´t want it) a nice "revised" gold darker aniversary model can be OK.


Hi all.

Mary, the best thing imho is to bring back a slightly re-engineered
hp41 with all the (few) mechanical engineering problems ironed out and a fair bit of software incorporated into firmware.

A ten times speed increase at the same power level would be incredibly marvellous and entirely "doable" but not expected.

Cross compatibility with the 11,12,15,16 would be required of course. Very important to all would be exact same apperance, functionality etc... with quirks and "bugs" removed, except perhaps for synthetic functions ;-)

HP would have a BIG HIT...


yours faithfully,

Don Wallace

(I'm too old and practical to be a "nerd"...)

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