9825A Power Up Problems


I just got an HP 9825A. When I turn it on the fan runs but the display is dark. Sometimes I hear a beep on power up, sometimes not. I have no idea what to test/check.
Any ideas ?
Does the unit have to have specific ROM cards installed to power up ?
Does the Display normally light up ?
Is there a test sequence (hold down a key on power up) ?

Any advice would be appreciated.


In an early model you have to have a rather large (long) ROM with the operating system at the left side of the machine.
You might remove this one and insert it again (maybe cleaning the contacts might help).

I can't say, what the display does, because the first part of the display of my 9825A seems to be defunct (lights up all the time). Does anybody know, if this is a common error?
What's to replace ?

When you hear the beep sometimes, chances are, that it's just some dirty connection, especially, when the machine has been in storage for a long time.

I have all manuals and will look for a test sequence (keys)

Best of luck for you and your 9825A

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