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I have just started using my new 33s and I'm having problems with using the INPUT command. Well, it works fine, but I can't find any way to define a prompt to show when asking for a value in a program. This way it's quite difficult to memorize what the single-letter prompt means. Is there any way how to specify a prompt to be used in INPUT command?
Thanks for any comments


If I understand your question correctly, you don't just want the prompt "V?" but something more descriptive, like "Volume?" or even "Please Enter Volume?"

The manual talks about this, sort of. I don't know if the calculator can do *exactly* what you want, but you should set the calculator so equations are displayed rather than executed (set flag 10, IIRC), then before the input type your prompt with the equation editor (for VOLUME - RCL V, RCL O, RCL L, RCL U, etc.), then put a PSE after it so the user will have time to read it.

As far as I know, that's the best that can be done.


On the 32SII you don't need the PSE. If omitted, the message will stay until you type in your number, i.e.

SF 10

ENTER A (in equation mode)


does a good job. Probably the same on the 33S?



I checked and you are correct; you don't need the pause.


By the way--this is the greatest advantage to the 33s over the 32sii---with all that memory (about equivalent to what 7k would be in 32sii) you can actually use descriptive prompts in your program, without worrying about running out of memory.

In the 32sii, the concept was there, but the tiny memory made it an unuseable feature for any really long programs.




Thanks for advice. I checked and yes, it helps somewhat. In fact, I like the behaviour of INPUT as it (1) shows the hint on upper line, (2) shows current value on bottom line, (3) accept R/S without a value to keep the original value.
Using the recommended technique (hints via EQN after SF10) I can [SF10; RCL A; AS= (in eqn mode); STO A] which does (3) above but I find no way to achieve (1) and (2) which is a pity. It seems there's no way of doing it which is a shame. Or am I wrong?
Thanks for any comments


How about something like:

-- . . .
-- 5 ; initial value
-- STO X
-- SF 10
-- X = TIME VALUE ; EQN mode
-- PSE
-- CF 10
-- INPUT X ; user types R/S to continue
-- . . .

It doesn't display the legend while the value is being input, but it does let the user know what's coming . . .

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Good idea, Paul. Probably the best way - it shows the current value and the A? hint in top row is not too confusing when preceded by the explanatory message shown before the INPUT.

Unfortunately, the problem discussed shows the 33s system is far from being optimised for the nice hardware features (two line display, lots of RAM). Well, for everyday CALCULATION (not COMPUTATION) needs I think 33s is very fine. I had a 48gII and after few months gave it away - too big for me, problematic stiff keyboard, battery hungry... All larger tasks I do on a PC anyway.
Thanks again

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