HP 12C


I have an old 12c and it has a flashing * in the lower left corner of the display. Can anyone tell me what it means and how to get rid of it?

Thanks in advance


It indicates that the battery is running low. To fix it, replace the batteries :) It takes 2 LR44, SR44, A76, 357 or EXP76.
Hope that helps


Radio Shack sells SR44s as type 303 silver-oxide batteries, catalog number 23-104.

By the way, new production HP-12c use a different battery, so make sure that you check the battery compartment rather than go by messages posted here.


Older HP-12C uses 3 (three) 1.5V button cell battery tipe LR44 or equivalent (alkaline) or SR44 (silver oxide, expensive but lasts longer)

Newer models uses a single lithium 3V coin cell (CR2032? anyone?)

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(CR2032? anyone?)

Hello Nelson,

You're right, CR2032 by what I can remember and according to HP-12C specs page.
By the way, do you know where I can find SR44 cells here in Curitiba? So far, I've only been able to find LR44 cells, mostly Maxell brand.

Best regards,



I checked my (2005 production) HP-12c and indeed it takes a CR2032.

For older HP 10 series calculators, HP lists any of the following as being suitable:

Eveready (or UCAR) A76 (alkaline), 357 (silver oxide)

RAY-O-VAC RW82 (alkaline), RS76 or RW42 (silver oxide)

National (or Panasonic) LR44 (alkaline)

Duracell MS76 or 10L14 (silver oxide)

Varta 4276 (alkaline), 541 (silver oxide)

I don't know if you have Radio Shack stores in Brazil; they are ubiquitous in North America. Radio Shack catalog number 23-104 is a type 303 silver oxide battery which is listed as a substitute for: Type A, WS14, SB-A9, GS14, 9, 521, EPX77, 8002, 303, 1130SO, SR44, D303, D357, SP303, V303, SR44SW.

The Radio Shack batteries themselves are stamped Energizer and either 303 or 357/303.


Thanks for the info. I'll take a better look at local photo stores.
We don't have Radio Shack stores here (We have Sam's Club and Wall Mart stores though - but the HP-12C is the only HP calc they sell)



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