HP15 User mode


I have a HP15 which is in the user mode and I can't get the user mode to turn of . the calculator passes both the self test and the keyboard test. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi, Frederik;

to get rid of the USER mode, press [f][USER] ([RCL] key) again. The [f][USER] sequence toggles the USER mode On and OFF.


Luiz (Brazil)


The calculator does not respond to pushing "f""rcl" . It seems to be stuck in the user mode and my initial thought was the key was bad but it passes the keyboard check


Hi, Frederick;

if you wanna give it a try, clear all memory with [ON][-]. Try this:

turn the calculator off;
presws and hold the [-] key;
while pressing the [-] key, turn the calculator back on;
release the [-] key
You should see
[ Pr Error ]
The USER annunciator should be off, now. But you´d loose all of your data.


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