41CV Batt Pack


I have a 41CV in mint condition, but the battery pack (82120a) is dead!
I do not have the Battery Holder.
The Calculator do not turn on.
Any solution is welcome :)


It's totally dead, not worth a thing, send it to me!

Well, maybe not...

The cells can be replaced. The original 1/2 N cells are rare as hens teeth, but you can use 1/3 AAA cells.

1/3 AA *almost* fit, but require some truely extrodinary hacking to fit them (I would not advise it).

There is a problem with some nicad packs that will pass ummm well in excess of 12V to the calculator if the nicads are stuffed - so be careful trying to run it without the cells replaced.

I would suggest you fit the charger to the pack (outside the calculator) and measure the voltage. If it's less than 6V, then the calculator is almost certainly undamaged. If it exceeds 6V by much of a margin, there is a chance that your calculator may be damaged (sorry).

There is a "fix" to this problem that you can do when replacing the cells if your pack is one of these.


If you don't want to fix the rechargeable pack, I think I have a spare disposable holder that I could send to you.

Disposables are good if you're using just the basic calculator and ROM/RAM modules. They can get expensive if you're also powering the card reader or HP-IL.



Thank you, that's the solution to my problem !

I sent you by e-mail my response.

Please let me know if you need more data.




It will ship out tomorrow.



I received the battery holder!
Thank you for your support.

Please let me know in which way I can help the Museum.

Best Regards.

Rene Beltran

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