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Hi guys,
Am new to the 41c world, so forgive me if this question is overly elementary.

How to I execute programs that have special characters in their names, with no apparent way to key in those characters while in alpha mode. Specifically, I'm working with the C+ routine in the Math module. The module directions say to press XEQ, then ALPHA, then key in C+, then press ALPHA again to execute. How do I key in a + while in ALPHA mode?? I know I can assign the function to a key in user mode, but according to the module directions, I should be able to key in the function name while in ALPHA mode.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Hal.

You get "+" by using shift.



Hal --

There is a table on the back of HP-41 models that illustrate the ALPHA mode key assignments. The table indicates that, when the yellow shift key is not used, the characters printed within the key outline are entered. These, invariably, are the ones printed in blue on the keys.

The alpha characters and commands that must be entered by using the shift key are shown above the key outlines on the table. (APPEND is available only in PRGM mode.)

-- KS


Ah yes...the shift key...the table on the back...it's all so obvious now. Thanks very much.

While I've got you guys one more question if I may:

Is there any way to execute a function directly from the catalog listing? (I.e. without having to type in the function name or assign it to a user key?)
Thanks again, Hal


Hal --

Is there any way to execute a function directly from the catalog listing? (I.e. without having to type in the function name or assign it to a user key?) Thanks again, Hal

Unfortunately, not with the standard HP-41C/CV/CX. That is an annoying inconvenience that was remedied in the HP-42S.

Hoever, I remember reading once that one of the highly-advanced non-HP ROM's (e.g., PPC ROM, HEPAX, ZENROM) offered the capability of executing the function shown in a directory listing by hitting "XEQ".

-- KS


Just tested it: this works with the CCD ROM. It replaces the normal CAT and can be recognized by the apostophe:

CAT'0: list of IL devices

CAT'1: normal CAT 1

CAT'2: normal CAT 2 with XEQ and assign key by pressing A

CAT'3: normal CAT 3

CAT 4: better version of EMDIR

CAT'5: same as ALMCAT

CAT'6: list of key assignments

CAT'7 to F: CAT 2 of the module in that port

The PPC ROM certainly does not have this feature, I do not know about the other ROMS.




the extended CAT functionality (w/direct XEQ and ASN)

is available in the CCD ROM (and in the CCD OS/X;-) only.

The other ROMs (HEPAX, ZEN) don't have it, the ZenROM

has a similar extended ALPHA mode like the CCD ROM.

Other ROMs are specialized for other tasks, like HEPAX or AECROM,

but IMHO no other HP-41 ROM can compete with the

keyboard/user interface extensions of the CCD ROM.

That's why the only ROM always in my HP-41 is the CCD,

or more precisely the CCD OS/X.



Hi Hal.

Only with a user program in ram or a application pack, you can:

do CAT 1 or 2 to get the listing.
R/S to stop listing at prgm of interest.
press the <- key to exit CAT

Ress R/S to start execution at that label...

hope this helps.



Thanks very much for the info.

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