My HP11c from -86 have a broken LCD. I took it apart and I see its possible to exchange the display of the same type.

I got a 11c for free from -82. It has the original design inside, but it was broken when I got it. I cleaned contacts inside and it works, however, the keyboard is far from perfect. One key (f) needs to be pressed hard and many other keys have a muddy feeling. The keyboard of my previous 11c is perfect.

Now to the question. Is it worth trying to replace the display in my -86 calculator by that one from the -82? Is the LCD between 82- and 86 calculators the same type? I have read somewhere that the driver is different, but how about the display?



The display will work - if you remove the black plastic backing from the original '86 display and attach the '82 display to it . The pink zebra strips from the '86 version must be reused. Centering the lcd on the plastic carrier will be the challenge - and make sure you don't loose track of top/bottom.

The solvent heptane (sold in the USA as UN-DU adhesive remover) will make it much easier to remove safely as it helps the adhesive loose its "stick" and then goes tacky again once the solvent evaporates. Don't pry the lcd once attached or you will crack it, they are very thin and fragile.

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