HP 49g+ Graphing Help Needed


I have a new HP 49g+ and I'm having touble with graphing a certain function. The textbook asked me to graph this function: g(x)=x(x-1)(x+2)(x-3). But when I ty to do it, the calculator gives me an "Error: Invalid User Function." Thanks.



First guess: You've typed the function in with the implied multiplication. Can't do it that way. You'll have to type X * (x-1)*(x+2)*(x-3) in the EQ section of the plot setup window.

Second guess: You put the g(x) portion of the equation somewhere.

Take a look here for help with the basics of plotting equations:





The 49g+ does not accept implied multiplication. It will be important to actually put the multiplication sign between each factor.

e.g. g(x)=x*(x-1)*(x+2)*(x-3)

Since you want to define the equation as g(x) [instead of y##(x)] you make want to put the equation on stack and executing the STEQ (Store Equation) command. STEQ is only available on the catalog or it is easier to just type the command.

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