HP Xpander Battery Compartment / Changing


I need some help opening the battery compartment on my HP Xpander.

I've done a search in these forums and can get it started to be opened. I push the clips in and can get it almost opened. I know the rest is held on by double sided tape and takes a firm grip to get off.

I'm scared of breaking it. Does anyone have a picture of the battery compartment door so I know which way to pull- outward (away from the calc) or upward (toward the top of the calc). I'm wondering how the tabs are placed on the back battery compartment door so I don't break them.

Any help or a picture that someone could host would be appreciated.



Anyone? Help? I want to get those darn batteries out of my Xpander before they leak without breaking anything..!!


I don't have a digital camera but basically, your main problem is the glue. Once you have released the top clips, rotate around the tabs, they are big enough and there is plenty of space behind them so if something breaks it will not be the tabs but whatever is held with the glue: the battery cover itself.



Hi Eric,

I have posted photos of the battery compartment and battery door here.
There is an adhesive strip about 0.75" square at the lower left of the battery compartment door. The door itself has three tabs on the bottom inside edge. The procedure I used with success was to pry open the two tabs at the top of the door, pivot the top up slightly (just enough to clear the 2 top tabs from the back of the unit), then pull the door slightly forward -- i.e., toward the top of the Xpander -- to clear the bottom tabs a little from their slots. The door will still be held by the adhesive. Then, you want to work the upper left of the battery door from top to bottom to gradually pry it away from the adhesive, making sure the bottom tabs are free enough that they won't break as you continue to pry the door open. Once you free the door from the adhesive, it will pull off loosely. Hope that helps.



Thanks a bunch- I seriously appreciate it... I was able to get the battery cover off knowing what the cover looked like and knowing where the adhesive was- it wasn't as bad as I expected. I'd just rather be safe than sorry.

I know the Xpanders have a bug where if the battery is totally discharged it won't charge them up at all.

I also understand that you *CAN* replace the rechargeables with some standard AAA's, but not to plug it in or else it will charge the non-rechargeables.. Right?

So, what's the best batteries to run? The batteries in there looked pretty odd- no nipple on the + side of the battery..

Thanks again for all your help!


The batteries you need are AA's, not AAA's. I have only used NiMH rechargeables with an external NiMH charger -- I don't know if AA alkalines will fit properly, due to the + terminal nipple which you noted. The following thread in the Archives is the most comprehensive discussion I have seen on this topic:


There is also a discussion forum at http://www.xpander.org, although it doesn't seem to be very active.

Best wishes,


The nipple less NiMH batteries are readily available in most electronic shops. However they usually come with a tab attached which I removed. It works fine now althoug I don't use the Xpander much.


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