FREE HP-97 Parts


I have an HP-97 that I used for a part (a key). It is not nice enough to restore so I'm offering some parts for FREE.

But please follow these simple instructios so we don't clutter up the board. It's parts only.

Post what specific small part you need with your email address and I'll contact you about sending the part, for free. Don't ask for something that has already requested.

Individual keys, printer idler gear, nylon balls from reader, other small parts.

NOT Available:
A complete card reader
A complete printer
A complete keyboard

I will delete this email in 2 days. If this is against board policy, the host is free to delete it at any time. Make sure you can delete your replies.


I would need a card reader. After having applied all the known repaire methodes (raplacing the rubber wheel, ajusting the head) it just does not seem to work, making me despaired. If you have any cost, I am very willing to pay back. Regards, Jan


Hi Dan
I am looking for the following parts:
HP-97 print head
plastic tearbar for printer
the two copper contacts that go under the keys.
LED with ribbon
card reader ribbon cable
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I specifically asked if this large number of parts was for your own computer, as I could not imagine that this was all for one single calculator.

1) LED module with ribbon cable
2) 2 keyboard contact sheets
3) print head
4) card reader ribbon cable
5) tear bar
6) battery cover locking tab

Your response was "This calculator I am now fixing was at the bottom of the barrel so to speak, and that is why it looks like I am fixing more than one."

Then the very next day after I said I would ship these parts, I find an ad on the HP Museum site soliciting for HP-97 repair jobs.

It was my intention to provide FREE parts to those who were fixing their own calculators. I specifically inquired about the use of these parts and asked about such a case.

Sorry, but I cannot provide this many parts to someone who is just going to charge others. That is not in the spirit of my FREE parts offer, as stated in my emails. Maybe it was my fault for not specifically stating that in my post but IT WAS stated in my emails.

These parts are now available to others who need them for their OWN calculators. Sorry.

If anyone else needs these parts, please send email.


Dear Dan
Sorry to get your message.
The parts I wanted from you were for my own HP-97. As I explained to you an an earlier email, the machine was from the bottom of the barrel from a basket of parts that I received from someone last year. From that box of parts, I was able to fix two, giving one to my father for X-mas and one to pay for the box of parts.

The service I provide is replacing card reader rubber wheels, basic printer repair, and general cleaning only. The printers can almost always be fixed by taking them apart and cleaning (except for the broken idler gears, which I buy from PIC Design).
As far as the repair work, I do this as a service to the HP community. These old calcs are no longer serviced by HP as you know. Believe me, the amount of time I spend fixing these compared with the small amount of money I charge is not very profitable. I use the money from this venture to expand my HP collection. By the way, you very rarely see this service offered on the hp site.I have never seen an ad for repair of HP 97s. I actually got into collecting HP calculators after performing several repairs, and enjoy doing this on my spare time.
Please do as you feel fit. Just remember, I did offer to pay/trade for the parts including the shipping. I was not intending to profiteer from your generous offer, but was just trying to fix my own machine.

Erik Wahlin


I will still send you the parts anyway.


Hi Dan,
Please don't send the parts if you have any mixed or bad feelings. I'll understand.


There's surely no way making it into the Fortune 500 list with repairing HP calcs :-)

I'm pretty sure, nobody could afford paying the hours for a pro repairing such things as a business.

I even don't have the time servicing my own calcs, so I couldn't even try to take other peoples calcs into service...

Guess I could need a Keyboard PCB for my HP-92, where half the keys don't react, but I'm not sure now and didn't have the time to make extensive checks. Additionally, if there are some broken traces, it might be easier to repair it, than sending items worldwide.

Anyway, the keyboard layout is different and so I'm not a candidate for this offer.

Erik, you might post a photo series, showing how to repair a completely damaged 97, on this site.
I wouldn't want to damage one, only to repair it again :-)

I think, this could be a help for a lot of people (and very interesting too).

BTW: A good restored HP-97 is a nice Christmas gift.



I am in need of two keys:



My 97 works, but it would be great to have these two keys looking "real" again.

Thanks for your kind offer.


Dan, I could use the printer gear. If you decide to get rid of the circuit card, I could use that also. I have one key that won't register and another that registers multiple times when pressed once.

Thanks for your generous offer,






If you've still got the circuit boards, I'm thinking I could use the 3-pin semiconductor with the heat sink tab that's on the right-hand side of the PCB (assuming you're looking at the opened calculator from the bottom with the printer at the top left)...I think it's probably a voltage regulator of some sort, and it may help me with a power supply problem I'm having with an HP-91. Thanks very much...



Hi Chris,
I have one but don't know if it works. Somebody had cut it out of the circuit board. You are welcome to it if Dave does not have one.


Hello Dan,
Thank you for your extraordinary offer. I could use the (i) keytop. If unavailable the "i" keytop or any of the other small keytops would do nicely.

My email in spam busting format is:
pyrotexas at rocketryonline daught com


Are you referring to the (i) key just above the % sign. I have that one, if that is what you are looking for. I need your email address so I can contact you offboard.

Others have already received parts and others are on the way.


Thanks Dan, you have saved another '97 from the heartbreak of missing keyitis.


wondering if the led driver chip is available.

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