HP48GX and Windows XP


I have been using Windows 98 and the HPcomm program to transfer data between my 48GX calculator and my old PC with Windows 98. We purchased a newer computer with Windows XP over a year ago. But I have not used it to backup any HP48 files. I use the new computer (originally bought for the kids) more and more and would like to use it to communicate with my 48GX and maybe a 48SX I started using also. HP's web site only has HP48 communications programs for Windows 2000 and earlier versions. But an XP version is available for the 49G+ and 48gii. I have searched hpcalc.org but can't locate what I am looking for. Can anyone PLEASE HELP!!!???


I use emu48 for connecting my real 48 with a virtual copy of it.
This has worked well for years, with several versions of Windows, including XP


HPComm 3.4, available from hpcalc.org will work just fine on Win XP. I use it every day to transfer files between a Win XP pc to both a 48 and 49 with no problem at all.


i use hyperterminal without any problems


I think HP just hasn't gotten around to updating their 48G series
and 49G pages since Windows XP was released. As far as I know, the
HPComm application is the same for MS Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and
2000. Though undocumented, it's said to work with ME and XP as

Similarly, Conn4x (the 49g+ and 48gII application) is the same for
all recent versions of Windows. Though Xmodem based, it includes
an Xmodem server library that you can install on a 48G series
(though not a 48SX/S). It works well with the 48G series for the
most part, but some of the character translations differ for
"text" mode transfers, and it may have problems with some "text"
transfers that include the "counted" forms of characters strings
used in the 48 series. In particular, it may get "confused" about
the translations when a \ character occurs outside of a
quote-delimited character string.

For more information, search the Google archive of the
comp.sys.hp48 usenet group. Start from
http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48/. If you don't
find an answer to your question, ask on the newsgroup.

Of course, also see http://www.hpcalc.org/.


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