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Hello All,
does anyone have an F-I-F program for the HP42s? I have an F-I-F program for the 41CX but I have no idea how to do the work around mentioned by the author. I can run programs much better than I write them. I have an F-I-F for my 48GX but it is too bulky for carrying around in the field.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Other than buying yet another calculator.


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What do you mean? Shall the program do F-I-F arithmetcs (+ and -)? Shall it display the result in fathoms or yards or miles or mils? Shall it allow for multiplication to reach acres or square feet or square inches? Or shall it just convert F-I-F once into useful units? Then you can do your calculations easily and - if you are not convinced yet - reconvert into F-I-F at the end. Anyway, please specify what you want.


As with the program I found for the 41CX I only need to deal with Feet, inches and fractions of an inch from Decimal format. The program I found on this site under the 41 programs would be great if I could figure out how to get it in my 42s. Thank you.

eg; http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/41/41feet.htm

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Because HP42S is code compatible to HP41C, this program should run on both calcs. So just key it in.

While doing so, please think: for at least some 100 years, people use a *system* of units making such calculations obsolete. It is standard worldwide. Worldwide? No, less than 5% of mankind refuse to accept it and spoil the world with strange screws and more. What a waste of resources and time!


Because HP42S is code compatible to HP41C, this program should run on both calcs. So just key it in.

The "workarounds" mentioned by Kelley refer to this quote from the program's author (Fred Lusk):


The program uses several extended functions, including X<>F, XTOA, and REGMOVE, though there are workarounds.

These three Extended Fucntions were provided on the HP-41CX and the X-Functions module for the HP-41C/CV.

XTOA is available on the HP-42S, but X<>F and REGMOVE are not. So, different means of accomplishing those functions must be used on the HP-42S.

-- KS


Kelley said,

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Other than buying yet another calculator.

If you were open to the idea, the HP-32SII and HP-33S have built-in fraction-arithmetic and neares-approximation capabilities that would seem well-suited to Fred Lusk's example problems.

There are also special calculators for construction, sold in hardware stores and big-box home-supply stores, that might handle these calculations conveniently.

-- KS



I sent you a personal response to your email, but here is the substance of it for the other participants in this thread.

"Kelley…Sorry for the slow reply, but I was completely tied up last week. One of my other hobbies is amateur astronomy. Last week I got our club calandar ready for the printers (it's a small wall calendar that includes astrophotos by club members, a schedule of club events, moon phases, astronomical events, etc.) and I finished two PowerPoint presentations that I gave at a star party/amateur astronomy seminar this weekend at a lodge near Sequoia National Park (topics: "Beginning Astrophotography" and "A Tour of the Night Sky"). That, and I worked all week. Thank goodness last week is over. If you want to see the calendar part of the calendar, it's at http://www.cvafresno.org/calendar/. We don't post the photos because we sell the calendars.

"Unfortunately, I haven't had time to get back to finishing the rewrite of the program. I'm actually about 75% done with it, but the last several years (yes, years) have been extremely full and I have done almost no programming, except for torturing myself converting a civil engineering program I wrote for the 42S to my 48G+. I like the end product, but I will never do THAT again. Give me keystroke RPN programming any day. However, I need to get F-I-F finished because it's bugging me, and you're not the only person who has asked about the rewrite. I use my 42S more than any other calculator and I need F-I-F on it. Right now, I use F-I-F on a 41CX emulator on my computer.

"A couple of years ago, I sent someone the instructions for converting my 41CX code to the 41C/CV instruction set (which would also work on the 42S), but that was before a hard drive crash and I don't have the email anymore. Most of my notes are boxed up right now, but from I remember, you need to do the following:

"--- Convert [0 X<>F] to [CF 0 CF 1]. The original instruction clears flags 0-7, but because the program uses flags 0 and 1 and not flags 2-7, you really only need to clear flags 0 and 1. I happend to like a clean display, so I clear all of them with this instruction rather than using a different input for X<>F to clear just flags 0 and 1.
"--- Convert the various REGMOVE commands. This will take a bit more work, but the concept is straightforward: REGMOVE moves a block of registers from one place to another based on the value in the X register. My 41CX manual isn't handy, but I remember that the parameter in X is defined as follows: aaa.bbbccc, where aaa defines the start of the FROM block of register, bbb defines the TO block of registers, and ccc defines the size of the block. Thus [11.001004 REGMOVE] at steps 47 and 48 will move the four registers starting at register 11 (i.e. R11, R12, R13, and R14) to the four registers starting at register 01 (i.e. R01, R02, R03, and R04). You can duplicate this with [RCL 11 STO 01 RCL 12 STO 02 RCL 13 STO 03 RCL 14 STO 04]. The other REGMOVE commands work in a similar fashion. Please note the constant in step 13 is stored in R09 and reused several times."


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