HP-41C battery contacts


Hi. I just got a HP-41C. I do not know if it works, and I do not want to buy N (E90) cells just to see if it works. I am planning to power it with some adaptor I will do, but I need to know if central battery contacts are connected to the internal circuits or just to each other.

Bye, Ricardo


You can test with any good, clean 4.5 to 5.5 volt dc source. Power consumption is approximately 5 ma in the active state, it varies by model. The center two connections are only a jumper, there is no connection to the 41.


Thank you, Randy


Hi Ric,

It's just possibly worth your while to current limit the power supply to few hundred millamps or so to test your 41C.

If there is anything along the lines of a short in the interconnections that way you will save the internal power supply regulator.

Second hand machines sure do arrive with some strange faults...


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