early "OZ" history of hp 41 synthetic programming uncovered!


Hi all. I have briefly mentioned this before...

I was looking through my old box (hp41 original) in which are stored my manuals and some old synthetic programming manuals, when I decided to read these.

To my astonishment I found I not only had this manual:


A Blackbox handbook to synthetic programming techniques with the
hp 41C

by Phil Jury (5484)
(Armadale Victoria Australia)

1st edition January 1980 (!)

but also THIS ONE:


This is a quite involved manual which runs to 60 pages.
And Valentin Abillo is in there too!

If people are interested I may scan these documents and release them to the museum. Maybe others have this sort of stuff anyway, but I thought I would mention their existence.


Don Wallace


Hello Don,

it would be great if you'd release this jewels to the museum. Every real 41-fan like me is very much interested in stuff like this. Thank you very much in advance




Hi, Don:

Don posted:

A Blackbox handbook to synthetic programming techniques with the hp 41C"

I do have the other one you mention (PPC TN V1N6), but never seen
this one so I would be interested for sure.

"This is a quite involved manual which runs to 60 pages. And Valentin Abillo is in there too!"

Ah, those were the days !! :-) ... It's hard to believe that 24 full years have elapsed since then and some of us still remain actively interested in HP calcs and methods of old. Says a lot about the awesome quality of such products, that it would engender so lasting an attachment to them.

Your offer to scan and make them publicly available is much appreciated, thank you very much.

Best regards from V.


Hi all. Hi Valentin.

Yes it sure does. I started to look at the hardware (buss signals)in 1982 but wasn't connected with the PPC so my interest died.

I shudder to think what I would have done if I had been plugged in to all that... (I built a computer out of a video arcade game and wrote my own monitor BY HAND in rom (350 bytes!) in 1984 so I have been quite comfortable with hardware and firmware for a long time...)

My sincere apologies for getting your surname wrong, V.

I will scan this stuff in soon. I am computing on absolute junk
(still do more with it than 99% of the population...) and the scanner is second hand with a real resolution of about 150 to 200 dpi so I will just do my best... My friends girlfriend sold it to me THEN told me she hit him over the head with it. I guess that's why the focus is a bit out...

Kind regards from Down Under (in more ways than one...),

Don W

Edited: 5 Oct 2005, 8:47 a.m.



All the Australian PPC TN issues 1-17 as well as 49 additional issues of Melbourne and Sydney-based HP calc newsletter issues from 1979 through 1993 are already available on PPC CD #4: Australian Newsletters and Conference Proceedings 1979-99. Totals over 4700 scanned pages of material. Check http://www.pahhc.org/ppccdrom.htm on the web.

Jake Schwartz

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