I don't know how to do it. But if you're replacing a defective module with a good one from another watch, I'd really like to acquire the defective module for reverse-engineering purposes for Nonpareil.


Oh yeah,

don't throw anything away. I've just bought a brand-new $72 microscope including PC camera (presumably made in the Ukraine of ex-Soviet union fame, the camera possibly made in China), and I'll try to make chip photos of a 1820-2028 for reverse engineering). These are the moments I regret to have resigned from the job in the old company... but this failing countries' socialistic taxes and social security made that $120k/yr job absolutely noneconomical in terms of net income. Now I must do all those neat chip photos myself and pay for the equipment myself...



If you want to make an offer for the module or the complete watch,
please let me know.




I'm certainly willing to make an offer, especially if it is non-functional. I want a non-functional module to tear apart for reverse-engineering (photomicrograph the ROM chips), in order to add HP-01 simulation to Nonpareil.

I'd rather not destroy a working watch to do that, and I can't justify paying the price of a working watch.


Please let me know if you want to make an offer on this non-working
HP 01 Watch.



Eric, If your $250.00 offer stands, I accept, please let me know
your address and mode of payment.




If I remember right there is a retaining ring that secures the module. And another one that secures the keyboard. I believe that they are threaded in different directions. Also they are not solid rings, but have a small split in them.


You are correct, this watch is built to last, sometime it
was submerged and corrosion occured in small amounts.



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