HP 48G Directional Force


Does anyone know if there a program or native feature that would calculate directional force (Calculus 2 exercise)? The school I go to is only keen to TI calculators. Thanks!


Joshua --

What exactly do you mean by "directional force" for calculus? Vector dot- and cross-products?

-- KS



I seem to remember that forces are vector quantities and therefore are directional by default.

Maybe you mean dot and/or cross products, in such things as "resolving" forces in given directions?




I made a mistake I'm looking for direction field options jnot directional force for the HP48G.

I asked me professor about it. He said that we would be graphing the derivative, which would include many different possibilites. From those possibilities he would give us different conditions like the interval from a-b. We would then enter those conditions and it would show the correct graph.

This program is associated with Eulers method if that makes sense. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks guys!


Your 48G is abysmally slow for drawing direction fields for difeq plots, and they often do not resemble what the plot should look like. The TI89, which does a great job of slope field plots, beats the heck out of HP, and is another example of how TI has been able to lock up 99% of educational calculator sales.

A quick way around this would be to plug in numbers into the equation at selected intervals to directly compute the slope. This is what us old folks did before graphing calculators came along.

Hopefully your school will some sort of computer algebra system available, such as Maple. These programs can quickly and accurately plot these and other more difficult graphs to help you visualize the math.

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