hp48g memeoryexpansion


I was wondering whether it is possible to upgrade the memory of my 48g.
i noticed that I'm having memoryproblems running bigger programs and want to know how it could be done because Hp doestn't upgrade 32kb to 128kb like the g+ or gx.


Below in the forum you'll see a couple responses from me re: "48G Display Problem (Does anyone know how to open?)" -- There's a link to a web site that describes how to open.

Do Google (or whatever) search on "HP-48G memory upgrade" and you'll probably find several descriptions of what to do.

I upgraded a couple, and it turned out to be pretty easy. (I do have some experience with digital electronics.) You might also consider simply buying a GX or G+ -- simpler and less painful!


Hello Everybody, my name is Nacho, from Spain.

(Excuse my poor english)

I'm searching for people who could help me with my HP48G+.
I've got it 1 year ago, and i would receive the biggest number of program, information, help, and everything you can post me. THANKS.

And I want information about HP49 for a fool friend that hasn't any idea about it.

I w desesperately information about SYSEvals an how to cheat ROM.

Thank tou very much.


Hi Nacho

Great you found this site. Unfortunately this is not exactly the right address for your needs (though some people here might be able to help you with a more specific question).

I'd just visit another site:


This site stacks tons of software and info for the 48/49 series and you'll surely find, what fits your needs.

This site here is mainly intended for older calculators (til 1986, but the border isn't that exact).

However, you're invited to participate in the diskussions here in the museum, it's just mainly about older calculators.

Is your 48 your first HP calculator?

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