Concise Calc History


Where can I find a concise histroy of calculators since the beginning? A few pages of who did what first, advancements, etc.




Just make sure you find a history that has the following item:

December 1, 2005: Tim Wessman and John Evers change the surveying world forever when their 49g+ solution is unveiled.

:-) Be glad when you guys have it available! I think it will be a big hit!


Hmm . . . :-0



I wasn't being sarcastic. :-)

I think you guys have a great product coming!


There may be no one 100%-super-perfect-site. I guess the information is scattered around the Internet and you'll find pieces of the puzzle here and there. Very good pieces you'll find here at our all favourite HP-Museum, other pieces you can find her: Maybe other members of this community will give more links. Have fun putting the pieces together.




Rick Bensene keeps and maintains an excellent and concise timeline on his site:


Hey great! That was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. I appreciate the link!



Excellent Timeline, but no mention at all of hp 41C series (!)



Another timeline to take a look at (there is also a forum):





Glad you didn't take that any further! 8)

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@db: sad, bad, but true...


@Tim: Have a look at

Down the site you will find an "Evolution Chart". It is an interesting view in very compact and concise format regarding the HP calculators.


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