How to program rich INFORMs on the 49G+


Hi all,

while doing some programming on an HP 49G+ I wondered how to do an INFORM input form with check- and choose fields as it can be seen in the MODE INFORM. Does anyone could please give me a hint or link how to realize such nice INFORM forms ? Thank you very much in advance.


They can only be done in sysRPL. HOWEVER, there is a nice program named Inform Builder that lets you use an interface to add things like checks and stuff. Download it here and then send an email to thank the author if you like it:

For even more powerful inform boxes, you can use Debug4x, but that needs a PC and a little more knowledge to use.

Inform boxes tend to be large, but if you compress them the size can usually drop 50% or so.



thanks Tim, this was the kind of hint I was looking for.



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