Unknoun 'Hex' Annunciator on HP10b


I've got an old HP10b (1987) but it has an 'Hex' Annunciator on the display, that I want to turn off.

In the manual I didn't found anything about this message.

Please can someone help me with this problem.



Just erase memory and it should remove the hex annunciator. From the manual:

Press and hold down [C], then press and hold down both [N] and [E+]. Memory is cleared and the ALL CLr message is displayed when you release all three keys.



It worked fine.

Thanks for your help.


Interesting, what is this indicator supposed to be used for ? Probably nothing on the stock 10B, so was there supposed to be another model on this hardware base with base conversion functions ?


The 20S provided HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN functions.

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