HP-48 blank overlays?


Is it possible to get hold of blank HP-48 overlays? Haven't seen any on ebay the last couple of months (after I started looking for it). Were they even produced? Otherwise it could be an ok substitute with a non-blank and add my user-labels to it.


If you ever find any, please let us know by posting here, as I too would like to buy some.


HP did indeed market an "Overlay Kit" for the 48SX/S, part number 82220A, consisting of three very light grey opaque and three "clear" overlays plus one clear with the standard shifted alpha key functions printed on the reverse surface. All are matte finished on the exposed surface, so "clear" might be better called "translucent".

I've rarely seen them on eBay, but who knows what will turn up there?

The possibilities for making them have been discussed here before; try a search of the Museum Forum archives.


Edited: 25 Sept 2005, 9:07 p.m.

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