hp 27s operating manual


A coworker of mine pulled out his calculator the other day asking me if I knew how to re-enter some programs that he had. He did not change the batteries in time and lost what he had entered into it.

He no longer has the opperating manual to find the procedures to do this. Where is the best place to find this information, or an operation manual. I think he would like an orriginal but would settle for an electronic version if anyone had scanned one.

would appreciate any feedback at whipmich@isu.edu


Nate Whipple


The 17bii has the same fundamental operating system and most of the menus are the same though labelled differently on the keys.

You can download the 17bii+ manual from HP and I think I have the 17bii manual as PDF somewhere. If I find it I can send it to you. Just send me an email.




Press the SOLVE button and then NEW. Now enter your code. Press CALC. Enter the required values etc....


I have the spanish version of the 17bii manual, the english version of the 17bii+ manual, and the description of Let and Get functions from the 19b manual, all on PDF.

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