Programming the 48GX


I've my 48GX programmed for several years, but never have figured out how to perform a display of the CST know, like it does when you press the CST key. Is there no programmable equivalent?

Here's what I want to do:

I have a key assigned to << HOME >> which returns to the Home directory. what I'd like it to do is return home & display the CST menu...something like << HOME CST >> (except that doesn't work; it returns home, then recalls the CST to the stack.

Any ideas?


<< 1.01 MENU >>

You can get the current menu with the RCLMENU command. 1.01 (or 1) is the first page of the custom menu, 1.02 is the second, etc.


Thanks...that's exactly what I was looking for.

It's hard to believe I couldn't find it in the great manual that came with the calculator

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