New 12C Platinum and Poor HP Service


I have the "old" 12C Platinum, and just bought the newer version. It's funny, I called HP pre-sales and tech support several times. No one knew about the upgrade. One guy said that the manual was premature! HP doesn't even let their own support people know about their products.

The screen is a little sharper, it does have the contrast control, backspace, and undo key, of course. But it is MUCH faster. It seems like this was the Platinum that they should have released before.

Why don't they do a recall? Should I box up my 9-month old Platinum and return it to the store, pretending that it was the one that I just bought? I don't feel right about that.

When you call HP now, they have that hugely annoying voice recognition system. I make up words just to get to a live person. Of course you get India when you call now.

It seems that HP is on track to become worse and worse.... Sad.


Let's see...

HP releases a new product, one that you find you like. Faster, things fixed, etc.

Yet, that gives you cause to say they are going down the tubes.


Of course, if you realized just how small the calculator division is compared to the entire HP empire, you might understand how "support" is general HP support, not a dedicated calculator support group.

While support might should be more aware of things, don't go laying that at the calculator group's feet.


Those were two separate, but related, comments. I realize that calculators are a tiny part of HP.

I don't care how HP sets up their support. All I know is when I called support, it was a lousy experience.

It's not big secret that HP is basically just another commodity company. The famed "HP Way," great support, quality products, etc., are long gone.

They're getting their asses kicked by Dell in PCs and servers. Printers are probably the only thing keeping them afloat.

I still think they make the best calculators, and I wish they'd get the company on track.





I agree with Jeff's assessment in Message #3, but HP has been losing market share with their calcs since TI got a foothold in the education department.

Since this thread is about the 12C Platinum, I called HP Service a few days ago complaining about the terrible missed entries with my "defective" keypad on my Dec'04 -built 12C Platinum. The HP Service guy said he'll send me a new one. I asked if he needed mine back so they could learn from its problem. He said that HP didn't need it back. I hope the replacement corrects this problem.


I got my replacement 12C Platinum today (built May 05) and its keyboard is even worse than my Dec 04-built Platinum. I don't see a backspace key anywhere on either keyboard. I can hit the keys all day long while my finger feels the click / register and my ears hear the click sound, but I don't get any numbers on the display unless I press even harder. This is not efficient and prone to misentry and errors. I'm giving up on the 12C Platinum and going back to an old 12C. Anyone want to buy a 12C Platinum,... cheap?!


Since the replacement machine was built in May 2005, why would you expect to see a backspace on the keyboard, since only now in September 2005 are people reporting seeing just one or two with such features?

As to the keys, if it's bad, call HP again. How will they learn if you just sell it cheaply.


I wasn't sure how much lag time there is between build time and purchase time. If a calculator is made in China in Sept 05, I would be surprised to see it in our stores in Sept 05. I guess, though, that is the case indeed. Since I reported a "bad" keyboard to HP a week ago on a Dec04-built Platinum, I would expect them to send me the latest they had (current). So when I got it today and learned that it was made in May 05, I assumed it was their latest build date. I guess not! They sent me something even worse than what I had. He asked me if I was new to HP calcs and I said I was using them for 15 yrs. He asked me which ones, so I said,.... 11C, 12C, 15C, 17B, 17BII, 20S, 21S, 22S, 27S, 28S, 32S, 32SII, 33S, 42S, 48SX, 48G, 48G+, 48GX, 49G+. Then he told me there was nothing he could do to help me and to just return the 12C Platinum to Office Depot (original purchase place) in exchange for a regular 12C made in Singapore. I went there tonight and they were out of stock, so I got some printer ink for my printer instead.


PS: I comment about selling it cheaply was a joke. I asked the HP guy if he needed my "defective" units back and he said to keep them. I got the feeling that they didn't care about solving the problem if no one else is having it. I'll make the old original Voyagers my mainstay, I guess, and allow more time for the Kinpo / HP product line to mature a bit more.


Hi Jeff. Not a problem. I think we would agree based on your additional explanation. It's just that I see people some times who seem to blame the calculator group for things that are fairly out of their control.

I've heard some people call HP support who talk to people who don't even seem AWARE that HP makes calculators!

And, I'd be curious what you think in depth about the new 12cp.



Hi Gene. Agree (fwiw) onall that.

Hi Jeff. Can relate.

I think the drama is that in a changing (profit driven)
world when a large corporation like hp has the founders die off and the internal culture then inevitably changes, the whole show is in danger of losing focus (on keeping "everything" nice and shiny). Internal communication is a real challenge and when the magic motivation factor is gone then you see the whole "animal" get a good deal less healthy. It's a real tough nut to crack, actually.

It's happening everywhere of course... c'est la vie... ;-(
It's just that with hp, we all came to expect so much more because they used to be so good (for so long). When they are now less "perfect", everyone notices. All that doesn't help the customer with dead product however.



Sheesh - did you complain to Intel when your PC became obsolete?


To the guy who wrote the comment below, it sounds like you are off of your medication. I can see why you used a comma for your name. Your comment makes no sense. In addition, my PC doesn't use an Intel CPU. I went with AMD.

As for everyone else here, many thanks for your comments. The main point is that the 12C Platinum has been improved. I'll keep playing with it and let you know if I notice anything else besides the tremendous speed increase. I'd like to hear your thoughts, as well.

Sheesh - did you complain to Intel when your PC became obsolete?




Jeff, did they fix the goto problem? When the 12-cp first came out, they boasted of 400 step programs, but we all found out that the goto's would not work beyond a certain step number. I was wondering if that particular problem is fixed with the new version.


Yes, the 400 steps are all good now.


Sorry, Don, I'm not sure, but I bet they did. They fixed so many other problems. I don't do any programming, so I'd be the last to be able to confirm that.... Sorry.

Jeff, did they fix the goto problem? When the 12-cp first came out, they boasted of 400 step programs, but we all found out that the goto's would not work beyond a certain step number. I was wondering if that particular problem is fixed with the new version.


"Agent" often works to shortcut to a real person in those systems.

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