82490A HP-41 Translator Pack - Need Help


I've just become the lucky winner of a 71B auction on eBay that included the 82490A HP-41 Translator Pack. I've been playing with this pack before now with EMU71 and an image of the ROMs I obtained from JF (Thanks!) In the course of that, I discovered I was missing two critical pieces of BASIC software required for translating and loading HP-41 programs into the HP-41 FORTH environment. These are referred to in the manual as "READ41" and "TRANS41". (The latter not to be confused with the PC software of the same name. I've asked the eBay seller if he has these, and he said no, though he does have the manual.

Does anyone have access to these BASIC programs? Could you make them available to me? I can handle any format you care to use, including cards, 9114 floppy, cassette, LIF image, raw bits or text listing.



Good morning Howard,

TRANS41 & READ41 Basic programs are INCLUDED in your Hp-41 Translator ROM.

Just type RUN TRANS41 or RUN READ41 on your beloved TITAN.

More detailed explanations in the 82490A HP-41 Translator Pack user manual on the Hpmuseum DVD.

Or if you don't have them just ask more questions.

Friendly regards from France!



SMACK! (Sound of hand slapping forehead.)

Thanks Etienne!

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