Any news from HHC2005?


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I just noticed that HP are providing "hp49g+ calculators, latest version (to be talked about)" as door prizes. Are these cheap junk like the current models, or something better?



I think that attending the HHC2005 itself is the true prize. I have met Viktor Toth who is the curator of and a few other new folks like this site's Tim Wessman. Tim won the HP calculator contest for 2005 and his presentation was his winning design.

Of course seeing old and new friends like Gene Wright, Jake Schwarts, Richard Nelson, Eric Smith, Jeremy Smith, Jack Stout, Brian Walsh, Wiodek Mier-Jedzrejowicz, and many many others is a real pleasure. HP was kind enough to pay for lunch and we aprpeciate that a lot.

Soooo .. I am off for a second day of geeky fun.

Happy Programming



And Namir is going to be giving part 2 of a good talk about comparing solver techniques and how they are implemented on HP machines. Very stimulating stuff.



There weren't any HP 49G+ door prizes, but there were three of the new HP 12C Platinum (radically different internal firmware than the original 12C Platinum).

HP did give each attendee a new handheld; I'll put a photo on my web site tomorrow.


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