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Anyone know what happened to "fixthatcalc.com"? I have an HP 48GX and two HP 41s that need some help.


If you do not find anyone in your country that could fix them, let me know, ok?

Best regards,


Browse ebay... you may find another unit for no that much money.


I did buy one on e-bay for about $130

Thanks to all who responded, I have now have enough information to start the repair my self. Stay tuned.


Hi Mike.

(Hey you aren't THAT Michael Moore, are you?!)

What's wrong with it? Depending on what is wrong, it can
vary from being fairly "easy" to an absolute train wreck
for someone to fix their 41. Be aware to not static damage the chips and do not muck around with the display at all or you will make it toast...

I have some pictures and contact info at:


Pretty much everything is covered in pictures there. But there are some pitfalls, also.

I repair 41s professionally for a fee. So if Australia isn't too far away for you by all means. Turnaround would be a week or two.

good luck!



Don, do you do repairs to other units other than 41's ie 48G's


PS what city are you in? Ta


Hi Paul. I am looking at doing any high end machines which can be repaired. e.g. the 42S can be ram upgraded but not really repaired.
Take a look inside one and you will see what I mean.

Have not done the 48/49 series yet but happy to look at them.
Have a lot of (20 years+) experience on a wide range of small equipment repair, not just calcs... but als know the limits of what is practical... and economical.

Happy to help if I can.


P.S. In queensland Austrlia. Write to me to get my city location.


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Got a 48G that I would like to get working properly.
It's either that or buy a TI-83 new in sealed wrapper from a friend of mine for $70.00.
So what kind of costs would I be looking at to let you start looking at this unit?
With batteries in it turns on, but then at its own discrection, the busy signal and left shift indicator appear and the unit runs to a stand still. Frantically pressing the on button might clear this status but at times it needs the batteries removed for a long period of time and then it still might be in this mode.
I've looked on this site and asked advice by others more knowlwdgable than myself on repairs, but I can't bring myself to crack this baby open. Shit-scared i'm going to bust it, if you know whay I mean?


Hi Paul. If you don't mind please e-mail me as I don't discuss this stuff in the forum.

Thanks. Happy to help you.



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