HP-48GX cards


Does anyone know if cards made for the 48SX will work in the 48GX? Also, where are good places to buy general subject cards (calc, physics, chemistry, etc.)?
Thanks for the help.


Yes. In general, HP 48SX cards run well on the HP 48GX. However, since port configuration is different, try to use application cards in port 1 only. Port 2 can also be used, but execution will be significantly longer (especially on those Indonesia-made 48GXs.)

For suppliers, try www.calcpro.com.



are there any differences between Indonesia-made 48GXs and others ? Differences in electronics ? Quality of components used ?

I never heard about this ...

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The only apparent difference I'm aware of, is that my Indonesian 48GX calculator has painted(screened?) lettering on the keys themselves. Whereas my older 48G (made in Singapore) and 48SX (made in USA) have the famous double-injection molded keys (where the character is formed by injecting white plastic into the cavity of the dark key).

Some tell-tale indications of injected molded keys can be seen in the letter "N" on the TANgent and SIN keys. The three lines that form the letter are not actually straight, but are formed with three bowed (slightly curved) lines. The lines do not have even thickness (but are consistent when comparing the same relative line on a different letter "N") and the intersecting junctions are very square.

The painted version of the same letter "N" are formed with three perfectly straight lines that are uniform in thickness (but are much thinner than the injected molded conterpart) and have rounded intersecting junctions.

Isn't this exciting?? ;-)



I have a "Mathematics Pac" card from SPARCOM. Works very well in my 48SX.

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