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Please help - I am aware of two different versions of the HP 12C Platinum financial calculator: some versions have the "minus" and "divide" keys imprinted with a blue ("G" key) sub-function operation - each are printed with differnet blue arrows on these minus and divide keys - while other 12C Platiunums do not have the printed function. Can anyone explain why? Thank you! Laskody


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It appears that there will be a new revision of the 12c Platinum. Some of the diferrences are:
Adjustable display contrast,
Backspace key (under minus sign),
Undo key (under division sign),
Left and right parentheses (STO and RCL).

If you download the manual from HP's 12c platinum page, it will have all those new functions included.



You know what? I think that person from HP who asked us about the 12c a few weeks back may have been legitimate.

One of the things I told her was wrong with the 12c was the lack of a back-space!

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wow. If that's true, she should be put in charge.

She was able to introduce an entirely new calculator in a few weeks.


Bill, I just read a review on amazon.com dated July last year where the guy asked for backspace and also said what's the point of ALG mode without parentheses. Evidence of Amazonian influence?:-)


See, there I go with illusions of grandeur again ;-)


Hi laskody, where did you see the new version of 12c platinum? I want to buy one!!


I called HP's calculator department today, and the doofus that I talked to said that the enhancements were "premature." The manual had them, but they weren't applied to the units yet.


I bought one today at Office Depot (the wouldn't honor the $15 discount certificate that had expired 3 days ago).

Anyway, the display is greener than the other Platinum that I have. I don't know if I like that or not. It does have the modifed keys as mentioned, but the TVM calculations are MUCH faster than the original unit.

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