I just beieve this was a problem only of mine ...



Look why someone is selling one of his beloved equipment ...

"This dual mode analog/digital scope is in very good physical condition and fully functional. I am selling it because SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) says I have too many oscilloscopes -- I don't think 6 is too many however who truly understands the female mind..."

Ebay item 7543499861

Just for fun!



Artur, you are not alone my friend...


My better half SELLS calculators in a university bookstore. She has re-organized my collection (for the better) and often asks me, for example, "Why 6 units of HP-41CX???



Accumulating hand-held calculators is one thing. Try justifying three old Fridens. They have been consigned to the garage.


"She Who Must Be Obeyed." Wasn't that the description from the Brit show Rumpole of The Bailey used to call his wife? Are they showing reruns of that down in Brazil? Great show, loved it.


And Horace Rumpole, in turn, got it from H. Rider Haggard. Or at least, John Mortimer did.

IIRC, it was even made into a horror flick: "She".


--- Les

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