I recently picked up a HP-6S that appears to have a dead battery. The case is held together with some tiny phillips screws. None of my jeweler's screwdrivers are small enough to fit. Is there a standard for these tiny screws, so I can say what size the screw is and what size screwdriver will fit it? I've run into similar problems with other hardware that uses microscopic screws.


I have a screwdriver set that looks like this one, only it has 5 screwdrivers and a tweezer:

The second screwdriver from the left, the one marked + #0 fits the HP-6S screws nicely.


From what I remember, there's not _a_ standard for small crosspoint screws, there are 2 or 3 (Phillips, JIS, Pozidriv (maybe).

You might want to look at MicroTools ( They specialise in small tools for camera repairs (another of my hobbies), and certainly sell small crosspoint screwdrivers. They're not cheap, but I've been very satisfied with the stuff I've bought from them.

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