HP33S TTF: missing character... My fault!


Hi, all;

those of you who have already installed and tried the TTF files specifically drawn to digital devices (mainly HP calculators, LCD and keyboard) probably missed the ":" in the HP33S set. I found this potencial flaw this very weekend and I'll soon post a new TTF file replacing the earlier version.

As no one complained so far, it is going to be easier to find a new arrangement to fit the new character. Those who have already tested the HP33S TTF (or at least read about it) know that I choose two characters for dot and comma: the original tinny in-between digits set and a full-digit set.

The problem is that I choose [:] and [;] to hold the tinny "." and "," respectively. Then I choose [.] and [,] to hold the full-digit, pseudo "." and ",". Now I see I made a bad choice...

Because the fonts ara available at HPCC site, I'll provide a copy of the updated font to them as well.

And Dave, what about hosting the fonts and a short PDF explaining how to use them? I'd gladly send you a copy of them all so any contributor/visitor would access them through the MoHPC. Is there available space to host them at the MoHPC? Let me know!

At last, forgive me for the possible troubles this missing character caused.


Luiz (Brazil)

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