THERMAL PRINTER 82143A battery voltage=?


Hi all.

Wondering what the voltage of the rechargeable battery pack for the
little thermal printer for the hp41 is supposed to be.
I got one off ebay without a battery and don't want to muck
with it without feedback from someone who actually has one...


Don Wallace


Hi, Don;

the original pack is an assembly with four regular NiCad 1.2V battery connected in series, i.e., about 4.8Vcc. I rebuilt a battery pack to be used with an HP97 (same pack works with the Topcats - HP9X series - and some HPIL peripherals, like the cassette drive) with four NiMH batteries taken from a Motorola® mobile phone battery. In fact, the mobile battery pack had a bad cell (originally five cells) and I used the four good ones. It is working perfectly fine after almost two years. I'm lazy enough having the carcass of two other packs and enough batteries to rebuild them, so I can power the 82143A, the HP97 and have a spare, fully charged pack to be used anytime I need.

I scanned the final package and the Motorolla® batteries to give an idea of how the rebuilt pack looks like, but I had my images removed from the address they where (wiped out by some freak cracker...), but I still have it in one of my hard disks. If you believe it is sort of additional information, let me know and I’ll upload the image again. In fact, there is a thread about this somewhere in the forum archive...

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi Luiz. Thanks very much for the info...

Don W


Just for reference, mine is hooked to a 6V jel pack and never have problem. Those batteries drove me crazy so i soldered leads to a 7AH battery with a trickle charger.



Hi all.

Well, my printer works. Just had to clean up the print head drive
screw and now fix a problem with reluctant paper feed roller and
I am in business. Thanks Luiz!

Yeah those gel batteries are a real tricky beast to charge.
An italian friend of mine uses one for his robot (Sumo Wrestler)
and told me what they need to be properly charged. What a drag...

Don W


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