Re: Can anyone identify this: CMT71-32E


Yes, this is an EPROM, made by Corvalis Micro Technologies
(CMT). It was programmed by a separate programming fixture,
or by sending them in to CMT. Sorry, don't know much more
(I'm mostly an HP-41 guy, and the CMT stuff was pretty
expensive when new).



There were also some other memory extensions in these days. They fit into the card reader and were made by "HHP" (hand held products) and these were really expensive. CMT was a bargain against these. HHP vanished from the market (does onybody know, if they still do exist?)

AFAIK the EPROM in the HHP devices was a standard part in this time and removable. I remember other devices too, such as a 32kRAM/32 k EPROM comination and devices with larger (non-removable) EPROMs up to 128k.

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