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On my 48SX I can swap a number that has not been entered onto the stack with a number already on the stack just by using the swap key.

On the 49g+ I have to go through "tools", "stack", then "swap", or enter the number on the stack with the number to be swapped and then hit the right arrow key.

Is there another way to make the 49g+ swap like the 48SX without having to go through all this?


Is it really so difficult to press ENTER and then right arrow? You make it out like it takes an extra hour each time you do it.

You could of course create a custom menu with the command listed in it.

You could also create a user key assignment in user mode and then press that key each time you wish to swap.

But, it's not that big a difference.


No it's not that much more to push enter, it's just seems asinine to add an extra keystroke to such a common application. Maybe you aren't calculating nearly as much as I am. I guess I will just define a key.


But on the 48 series, with the command line open, you have to use LeftShift to invoke the SWAP command. So on the 48, I could use either LeftShift CursorRight or ENTER CursorRight, but on the 49, only ENTER CursorRight works for this. It's different, but I don't see an extra keystroke.




Of course, on the 49 series, you could also invoke SWAP from the menu (TOOL NXT STACK SWAP), but unless the STACK menu is already open, that seems clumsy.

Note that on the 49 series, with the command line open, LeftShift CursorLeft or LeftShift CursorRight mean "move the cursor to the left or right edge of the current display, or if already at that edge, move one more screen in that direction". Whether the extra editing operations are worth losing GRAPH or PICTURE and SWAP as shifted keys is rather subjective.


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... is the "x<>y" key, always plainly labeled and never shifted or menued.

This thread has been rather amusing for at least one "Classic RPN" fan. :-)

-- KS


in fact, on an HP-41C it is a perilous [XEQ] [ALPHA] [X] [SHIFT] [I] [SHIFT] [J] [Y] [ALPHA] that does the SWAP!
that's what makes the 48SX modern and the 41C antique ;o)



I hope this posting is tongue-in-cheek...

The HP-41 has a x<>y key in row 2 column 1 (just above the gold shift key.)

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX

(Thank Goodness I'm not in New Orleans!)


(See subject line)


... is the "x<>y" key, always plainly labeled and never shifted or menued.

That's certainly convenient, but I don't think that it would be feasible to provide a separate key, or even shifted key, for every operation available on an RPL model.






You have no idea how long it took me to discover the left arrow key can be used for x<>y. It really should be labelled!

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