Was the HP48 once made in America?


In fact, has HP made any calculator in America? I am currently looking for a calculator Made in America to add to the collection.


Only the early S and SX's were made in the USA. You can verify by the letter A in the fifth position of the serial number. Later units were made in Singapore and finally Indonesia.

Some early Pioneers (17B/22S/27S/32S/42S) were made in USA.

All 10/11/15C Voyagers were made in the USA.

Almost all classic LED machines where made in the USA with the later units (67 and 97 come to mind) built in Singapore.

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Starting with the 35 V2 and ending with the 97 (?), HP manufactured the machines in USA *and* Singapore. There might be exceptions (maybe the 70), but I doubt it.


Randy posted,

All 10/11/15C Voyagers were made in the USA.

And all 16C's as well. Also, early 12C's, probably until 1988 or so, when the first Pioneers were made in the USA. 12C production shifted to Singapore afterward, although Brazil was also a manufacturing center in 1990.

The earliest 41C models (1979-80) were US-made, and probably the first 41CV's from 1980.

-- KS


I have an 2012B.... HP-97, so Brazil was used in the early 80s as well


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