Hello HP lovers. I know this is an HP FORUM and i am an avid HP RPN Lover myself, however do any of you Babyboomers remember seeing a TI 58/59 witht the $50.00 RPN SIMULATOR Module circa '79? Reason i ask is that i acquired several TI 58C's and would like to acquire the RPN module. It turns the TI inato a 9 level stack RPN machine.

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How about you sell your TI's and buy some HP calculators WITH SOEM REAL RPN STACKS!!!!!!!!!


Who's selling them RPN stocks??

I'd be careful. Could be a swindle. I mean, there's not a lot of money in RPN, or so I've been told.


Have most of the desired RPN HPs already. HP35, 28S, (3) HP 41CVS, 10C, 11C, 15C, plus some ALG units, 6s, 9s, 30s, 38G, 48G in addition to TIs.


I'd like to find one too, although i've read that it's purpose was to allow one to enter HP 65/67 programs into a TI 59 series unit and somehow run them. I have not read that it will let you use the 58/59 as an RPN calc of any stack depth. It's possible though.
They were a good machine, robust with not-too-bad keys. Some surveyors used them and i remember being told that the TI program would store an amazing 20(!) coordinate pairs. That sounds paltry unless you consider that HP didn't market a point storage program of any size on a handheld till years later in the 71 - another non-RPN.
Remember: The 58 series only holds one module at a time. If the chip works like you think it may; you probably can't use the math, statistics, navigation, or surveying modules with the RPN module since i never heard of anyone combining ROM's on a TI :-(
You could write to Joerg at Datamath and ask him about his but be careful. He may try to get you to go over to the dark side.


What it does:

It ONLY allows you to key in the keycodes of programs from the hp97 into a TI58C or TI59.

The module will run a long long time and then spit out a print out (printer is required) of a translated TI program that performs equivalently to the original RPN program.

This program then must be re-keyed into the TI calculator from scratch to be run.

What it does not do:

It does NOT allow you to use the TI calculator in an RPN operational mode.

It does not support all HP97 features. It won't do rapid reverse branching for example. I think it also has problems (if I'm remembering correctly) with P<>S (primary to secondary) memory switches.

All in all, although I have had this module for years now, I have never once used it. I really can't imagine an HP97 program that was so compelling that I'd want to try to run it on a TI58C or TI59. I think I'd just run it on the original hp97.

Here's what I said about the module several years ago (which can be found on my old HP and TI website: http://www.rskey.org/gene/calcgene/59mods.htm)

"Module #13, RPN Simulator. Although I have one, I have never used it. This module was a very strange one for TI to make. Apparently, they were getting tired of people claiming HP's were better calculators so TI decided to make this module as its answer to HP and RPN. (Or they may have realized that there was a lot of software programs out there for HP's and wanted to give their users access to it). It's an entire module with one executable program on it. You run the program and key in HP-97 program KEY CODES. You could take a printed program listing for the HP-97 (this would NOT work for HP-67 key codes, only the HP-97) and key in the program steps keycode by keycode. When finished, the program would go off and compute and eventually (and this took a while) print out a TI-59 equivalent program. This then had to be KEYED back into the TI-59 to run. The usefulness of this module is somewhat suspect. First, only keycodes from a HP-97 listing can be used. Second, not all instructions from the HP-97 can be interpreted or emulated by this module. The manual (woefully concise) provides a list of these functions. Also, the resulting program often doesn't run very well at all speedwise. TI did give a very good effort, however. Their timing was terrible, as this module came out only a few months before HP introduced their HP-41. This module did NOT work except to translate programs."


I started out programming calculators in the late 70's on a TI-57 and shortly after a TI-59. It is a great calc capable of self-modifying programs. I got converted to RPN by the HP-41. Having a beautiful working TI-59, I would love to do more experimenting with it - like adding the RPN simulation module. However, the module is not of much use - it allows you to input HP-65/67/97 programs into the TI-59 by its key kodes; it then prints out the corresponding TI-59 keykodes on a PC-100A/B/C printer. Then you can reenter the TI-59 keykodes into the 59 to get a working TI program. In short, you can only use it to translate HP programs to TI. The manual is availbale here:


The really cool thing would be to make a self-modifying program that lets you skip the re-entry of the translated program. It would be done by storing the program as codes in registers, only to convert those registers to program space.


Thanks to all for awesome input. BTW, iam a diehard RPN user and have most of the HP RPN Calcs already plus a few of the new ALG units. I may consider putting remainder of my TI 58C's on e-bay. Will keep my TI SR 50's for nostalga. They were made very robust like the HP35s


I'd like a TI 58C...

[Geir ducks the tomatos and eggs]


Geir, you can download a TI59 Simulator onto your desktop PC. LOL, activate the AIRBAG on your PC to avoid getting hit with tomatoes


Geir Isene wrote:
I'd like a TI 58C...

I wish all wishes were so easy to fulfill. You can get very cheap TI-58Cs on eBay. Actually, for less than $25 (incl shipping). In some cases you even get the printer (PC-100C) thrown in for the same price.

At least for such a low price you won't feel bad when you throw it away after playing with it for a couple of hours.

These things were poorly made then and they have aged badly over the last 20 years. My first calc was a TI-58 (then upgraded to a TI-59, before I sold it to get an HP-41C) and I can tell you that it was crap.


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