HP 48SX failure


Hi..i have a problem with my 48SX. Once i turn it on shows: try to recover memory (typical when you put on it new batteries)....if you try YES or NO this message still on screen, so i suppose the calc have a memory failure or need a memory (or calc) reset as i did with my 17BII sometime ago. I would be grateful for your help...



Just choose NO ... and you will be fine. Your calculator is fine.


Hi...You can choose YES or No...the calc return to the message once again....


Resetting the calculator or discharging any possible static electricity might help. To do the latter, remove the batteries and then connect the contacts with a piece of metal. Insert the batteries again and then turn the calculator on.


Did you tryed the hard-reset? Remove one of the rubber foot on calculator's back (I don't remember which one). There will be a small hole. Insert a clip inside it until the calculator resets.

I hope this could help.


The reset might fix it but I doubt it. It could be under either the right or left upper rubber foot - it changed sides during the SX's lifetime so you've got a 50-50 chance.

If it does not recover with either the YES or NO choice, you have a contaminated or otherwise shorted keyboard. You might be able to clear it out by cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner but it is likely to return. As the SX is at the bottom end of vintage HP values, it might be wise to pick up a used replacement. The 48G is less costly if you don't need the expansion ports.


The 48G is less costly if you don't need the expansion ports.

And if you can get by with 32K of ram instead of 128K. And if you don't have too much time invested in learning the SX layout or else don't mind learning a slightly different one. You also get about 60% better performance with the G series, modulo the RAM issue.


The SX also has 32K of ram. Only the G+ and GX had 128k...

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(Slaps forehead)

I didn't know that. Thanks for the lesson. 8)


Happy to try fixing your calculator if you want.

Drop me a line at:


Don W

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