New Clonix/NoVRAM site


Hi all,

I've finally got (no banners) ;-)

I'll set it up with info on my projects Clonix, NoVRAM and the like.

BTW It seems like some interest has shown up lately on Forth-41, so I've also placed "Forth-41.HEX" file there.





Congratulations on your new site! (and thanks for the link)



As I wrote you in the mail today: I´m happy to see you have an own domain and no longer this poor provider (the server was very, very slow)...
Also: Thanks for the link to my website.


Hi there,

Thank you both for your kind words. Yes Matthias, it's an other provider with a much more serious hosting policy.

Not much for now on my site but links to your sites (and the others) are a *must* for a pretended HP-41 devoted site ;-))

Time will tell if I can make it grow up as I'd like...



Hi Diego.

Congratulations on getting your new site running.
Congratulations too on getting the noVRAM code so polished.
That would have really been an amazing effort.
(My head is spinning at the thought...)

Thanks for putting up the HEX code for the FORTH
system for the 41; I am looking forward to seeing what
the firmware will do, though the idea of an integer
"write-only" language running on a BCD floating point
oriented platform is to me a little strange ;-)
I wonder if it possible to add some extensions?
Maybe a fun challenge for those in the community who
can write such software...

Where did the forth cde come from, anyone?
Who owns the firmware rights?

Don Wallace

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