HP 16 C pn eBay under wrong name - probably cheap



I just spotted auction 6202284368 on ebay. It is a 16C but incorrectly labled as "HP 14c" by the seller. Since it's not so easy to find this auction, the device might go for cheap...


by posting it here you have made sure that it will not go cheap. :-)



What about a now on eBay that is actually an 11C?? (5801314440) ;-))


According to the seller, it is actually a 10C:

Q: Is that a HP-10C or HP-11C? Your text says 10C, the pictures show a 11C.
A: It is an HP 10C. I am trying to get eBay to revise the pictures.




Its already too expensive so I',m not bidding.

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