For advanced HP41 user


Dear HP41 enthusiasts,

If you are working with HP41 and EMU41 and have available one or more powerfully accessories like
Zenrom, Zeprom, Hepax, Eramco RAM-Box, W&W RAM-Box, MBK-Profiset, Clonix, NoVRAM or MLDL2000, than the following source would be helpfully for you : / calculators / HP41 / Datafile Articles / HP41 and EMU41 Uploading ROM plug in modules

With best regards from Germany – Christoph Klug


Excellent job Christoph!! I'm sure many will find your article very useful. Keep up the good work!!

Best Regards,


Hi Chris! Hi WIlson.

Excellent article Chris. Will read it in detail when I get
more time (applying for an I.T. job with Local Government
right now...)

By the way, if anyone wants re programmable ROM modules
manufactured I am happy to oblige. Also, can do the programming
for those who don't want to buy blank modules and program them.

Just tell me what ROM images you want written into the module.

I am also designing some custom modules for direct serial
data link to the PC and for direct multi-channel analogue
data logging. Please write to me for more details.
If you want to speak with me directly you can schedule a call
to me using Skype.

Yours faithfully,

Don Wallace

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