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I now have two HP-65 calculators.

One (which I reported on earlier) has had the card reader pinch roller replaced by a previous owner. I also had to open it up, and remove and reinstall the motor; the motor squealed and eventually failed, but a tiny bit of Break-Free CLP completely repaired it. The rear label ("useful conversion factors") is quite obviously pulled back and the pulled back areas no longer adhere. It is now fully functional, including card reader, and cosmetically is about 85% condition.

The other is a virgin. It's newer (s/n 1606A 03xxx vs. 1333A 15xxx) in about 95% cosmetic condition. The rear label is the "user aids", and appears never to have been pulled back. The card reader's pinch roller has defintely turned to goo, but otherwise the calculator is fully functional.

I am trying to decide whether or not to do one or both of the following two restoration steps:

1) I have a replica rear label on order for the fully-functional 85% calculator. It's the newer style "user aids" because the vendor's "useful conversion factors" label has an obvious error ("B" instead of "8"). I would, of course, retain the old label after removal.

2) send the 95% calculator to the nice folks at fixthatcalc for a pinch roller transplant.

Here's where I'm having trouble.

The replica label would be less-authentic. But, as a calculator that is actually being used (I fully intend to submit some new programs to the MOHPC), it would be a desirable restoration especially since the old label is vulnerable to further damage.

Then again, replacing the pinch roller isn't fully-authentic either. Perhaps a virgin calculator in 95% condition should be left as a virgin, unsullied by any restoration. As long as the other one works, I have no need for a working card reader in the virgin, and I can always have it changed later.

My original plan was to keep one, and sell the other (with a working card reader). Now, I am tempted to change the label on the non-virgin, leave the virgin untouched, and keep both.

I'd like to hear feedback from other members of the forum.


You have hit the nail on the head...

I think you will be happiest keeping both calculators. One for use and programming and the other for the cosmetically optimal condition. Putting a replica label on for your enjoyment is no issue and you can replace it with the original should you sell it in the future.

If you want to use your better unit you will need to replace the roller but what do you gain?



I agree: Keep both.

In respect to the replacement label: Personally I have no problem with that label, as long as you keep the original label stored away, so it can be replaced later if needed.

About "FixthatCalc", does anyone knows if they are able to repair without that it shows on the label, I assume you will always note it has been peeled off one time ?



It's an aluminum foil. No matter how hard you try, there will be some evidence the corner was peeled. Same corner, different angles:


I prefer machines with folds on the original label over replica labels. I would just keep the original label on the calculator.

Don't replace the screws under the label and then reglue the label corners down. I usually remove all traces of the old adhesive with alcohol, then use a rubbery contact cement (made by Elmers). You brush it on the calculator case and the label (make sure it does not pool in the label crease), let dry, then stick the label to the case and rub with a soft cloth. This cement can be easily removed in the future.

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