French Spice models



I own the French versions of HP-32E and HP-34C (Spice models).
I just wonder if there is some kind of "switch" inside the Spice
calculator which allows to change the decimal mark from "," to "."?
From a manufacturing point of view, would such a "switch" likely
exist so the same hardware could be used to build the US and
European versions?



Hi, Tien;

in fact there is a small jumper that acts like this switch you mention. As you know, the 'E'-series Spices do not have continuous memory as the 'C'-series units have. Each model has a different DC converter: the one in the 'C'-series allows the RAM to be fed while the calculator off.

Some time ago (more than two years) Katie Wasserman added an image to one thread showing that the 'comma-or-dot' jumper was placed in the very DC converter PCB. I`m adding an image of mine (scanned) showing the jumper as it's seen in one of the DC-converter PCB's, but I do not remember which one is it: a 'C'-series or an 'E'-series Spice.

I also do not remember if having it closed means dot as radix mark or the opposite; please, forgive me.

I think that adding a small dip-switch (or smthng like it) that could be accessed through a small cut in the back of the calculator would actually do the job of easily switching from one mode to the other.

Thanks to Katie for showing the path...


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks Luiz!! That's very helpful information. I will definitely
check out these comma-or-dot jumpers. But I won't cut their backs
for sure :-) :-). They mean a lot to me ... We went through the
French high school together before I took them with me to the US.



Hi Luiz,

Nice picture. Now if I ever get one of these, I know where the jumper is. It seems, however, that Tony Duell was the first one to mention the jumper here. I found this old thread last week, when looking for exactly that kind of information:




Hello, Gerson; thanks for the link (and the motivation 8^)

I am not so sure, but I remember that Katie mentioned the Spices jumper about the same period in time. She also added a picture as well, but I could not find it (I know it is here somewhere...)

Best regards and thanks again.

Luiz (Brasil... as it is in Portuguese, with ´s´)


Luiz and Gerson: many thanks again for the info!!


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