Seeking manuals for 71B modules


I am looking for the manuals of the following 71B modules:

5061-7226 HP-71 Math
5061-7237 HP-71 AC Circuit
5061-7241 HP-71 Curve Fit
5061-7269 HP-71 41 Translator

I understand that these are not (yet?) on the MoHPC CD-ROMs. Dave, are you planning to include them? Alternatively, can anyone help me out with a copy or scan (or perhaps by selling me the originals?) I'd also gladly accept a loan and scan them myself, and of course provide copies to Dave for possible inclusion on a future MoHPC CD-ROM set.

Thank you,



I own Math and Translator. Sorry no sell. My problem is time. I am behind with putting two scanned manuals for David together (sorry Dave).

I have _very_ bad xeroxed copies of the other modules ...

Maybe in the holidays there's more time (less problems with the students at the university where I work). Some of them tend to be really time-consuming.
If there wouldn't be all my other (hardware) projects...

Maybe I can establish a Diploma thesis at the institute: "A scientific scan of RHs available HP manuals". Guess that would qualify a MS degree more or less... :-)


I have promised to scan the 41 Translator manual for Dave. It has not been started yet, and is very thick (appx. 200 pages) but comprehensive. I've honed my techniques on other manuals, so am ready to tackle this one. I may be done by Feb 12 or so (I'm spending a lot of time on the road between now and then). In the meantime, enjoy your modules!!!


I have a 71 Math manual that I would be glad to donate. Please tell me where to ship.


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