41-CX Going for $560.00


It's new/old stock, but jeeze!


Edited: 14 Aug 2005, 2:45 p.m.


So just imagine what my HP-41CY in mint condition is worth!


Yeah, I started to imagine, then decided not to ask.. 8)


Hi Matthias,

I guess beauty (or value in this case) is in the eyes of the beholder. An HP41CY is perhaps cool, but when you look at what it can do it falls way short compared to what for example Matlab, SPSS, and Mathematica (to name a few) can do for folks like me. My interest in the 41 line (and in otehr HP calculators) is nostalgic. But, faced with a choice of buying an 41CY or an SPSS version 13, I will certainly put my money in the software that can run circles around any version of the HP41.



I would rather use the shareware like Octave, Scilab or Maxima ...
and use the money to growth my HP calculator collection ... :-)


These freeware lack powerful library modules that give the commercial packages even more power!


This is one of the large batch of NOS 41CX's from 1990 that was discovered in a UK storeroom during 2002 or 2003. I was offered one at the time for $75 by a seller of these units, but I asked questions because the deal seemed too good to be true. After I saw the selling prices on dutch auctions, I wasn't cheeky enough to request the seller's offer...

These latest-manufuactured and unused halfnut 41's may well turn out to be the most reliable ones available. However, the solidness, key feel, and display are better on the fullnuts (1979-1984 + part of 1985?).

-- KS


IIRC - they've gone for as much as $705.00 from the same seller.


I wonder what's a blanknut CX would go for?


How much do you want to pay for it ?

I guess that at some time there is always someone who wants it desparately and will go to the end so it could be one time 300 another time 800 dollar.

F.e. the HP29C that went a day ago was relative cheap, I also remember it went for 400 euro.

As we say in Dutch: It is what the fool wants to pay for it.



Well I am just curious as I sold 1 of them for $150 and trade another for a card reader. I only sell or trade what I have extra of.

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